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Please join us in our fight to preserve American manufacturing. Every day that you delay we lose 3,200 more American manufacturing jobs. This cause can't wait. Join today.

Up until now, we at MADinUSA have allowed members to join the coalition for free or by making a voluntary contribution. Unfortunately we find our expenses have far exceeded our income and we must go to asking those who join us as members to contribute to our financial support as well.

We oppose countries that subsidize their industries, manipulate their currencies, ignore WTO agreements and illegally steal US copyrights, patents, intellectual, technical and proprietary processes.

We oppose policies that inhibit prosperity and that undermine the ability of US manufacturers to compete on a fair trade basis because these policies weaken the underpinnings of American manufacturing and ultimately export well-paying, benefit-rich US manufacturing jobs.

US manufacturing built the American economy and remains the engine of our economic prosperity, the cradle of global innovation and the backbone of our national security.